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School life

For its students, MJM Graphic Design is much more than just a school. As a place for learning and discovery, the school also provides lessons in life and creativity!
Outside of classes, MJM’s social scene is in full swing through social networks, blogs, group challenges and personal projects. A rich and intense life that forges friendships between the students whilst giving them the opportunity to embrace new experiences.

Blogs and social networks

In Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg and Nantes news spreads at Facebook speeds between the students! In addition, tips and announcements of all kinds sit harmoniously side by side on other community tools on the web! On each school’s blog, photo and video reports of lessons and life behind the scenes are shared online. And the ideas keep coming! Led by the community manager’s team, students are regularly invited to participate, share their opinions, spark interest and everyone is also given the opportunity to share a project with the other departments.
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A dynamic and creative spirit

MJM Graphic Design School really is bursting with life! Throughout the year, all kinds of challenges are introduced to encourage healthy rivalry. Outside of classes friendships are formed. These moments of creative conviviality are precious. They add a real sense of team spirit to the study programmes and encourage interest in the ideas of others, within each department but also transversely, between students throughout the entire school. The MJM spirit is characterised by its unwavering and constant dynamism and creativity.