By letting their imagination run free and taking into account the knowledge gained and the project methodology taught, the students grasp and design an innovative product. Armed with artistic and cultural references, an awareness of the environment and sustainable materials, knowledge about innovative materials and conscious of the latest technologies and manufacturing methods, the student-cum-future designer has what it takes to create a product within the imposed constraints.
Trained in the critical expression of the quality of a product and attention to detail, and enriched by our teaching, they will be prepared for working life.


To transform students into creators, project leaders. To reinforce their sense of initiative and independence for effective product development. To prepare them for working within a team, as a designer never works alone and must know how to communicate with the other areas of expertise that they will need for the development of their project. To design and create a prototype and professional portfolio

The vocational product design course will give students the knowledge required to design and implement a product. Students are directly prepared for the logic of the field; focussing on the issues, developing a methodology and good technical knowledge are guarantors of a successful integration into the working world. Our course leaders are working designers who focus their teaching on the core business principles to make students attractive candidates for employers.


The course gives access to many different roles within the field of design and in many different business sectors: visual identity, POS advertising, packaging, signage, cosmetics, perfume, design, wines and spirits, fashion, luxury goods, etc.

Global design agencies, in-house design departments, independent designers, specialist design agencies, design consultancies, etc.

product design school of Paris FRANCE

product design school of Paris FRANCE


1st year: The preliminary project

• Freehand drawing
• Technical drawing
• English for design
• Photography
• 2D/3D infographics
• History of design
• Ergonomics
• Materials technology, manufacturing processes

The project:
• Product Design methodology, analysis, specifications, trend book
• Market analysis (visits to shows, literature survey, etc.)
• 2D/3D infographics
• Designs and sketches, plans
• Preliminary project

The prototype:
• Product Design, model, quick prototyping
• Adjustments and technical feasibility

2nd year: developing analysis skills

• Different design approaches: eco-design, command design, self-publishing, etc.
• Awareness of sustainable development
• Industrial development and detailed design of chosen solutions
• Marketing workshop (marketing the product)
• English for design, business and technology
• Specific design knowledge
• The legal and accounting aspects of design: intellectual and artistic property, the different legal statuses of the designers, submitting a project, INPI, etc.
• Introducing and defining design management
• Speed of execution: 1 day = 1 project
• Working in a team
• Object and furniture design
• Model
• Project write-up and support materials
• Promoting their work and communicating with the press
• Job hunting techniques

Education Goal of the 1st year

To give the students a solid foundation in areas that will become their expertise: artistic culture and design, drawing/roughs, presentation boards, mastery of 2D and 3D surface representation tools, developing specifications, trend books, etc.

After the first year, students will have to complete a work placement.

Concrete goal: creating a portfolio

• Specifications
• Research log
• Marketing strategy
• Trend book
• Technical documentation (plans)
• Presentation boards
• Product description, concept

Education Goal of the 2nd year

Educational goal :

To help students to complete their end of course project, which is a genuine passport to employment, thanks to their extensive knowledge and mastery of design and production. To affirm their curiosity, analytical and self-criticism skills. The students must develop a strategy of their own.

Concrete goal: professional project

• A dissertation (2 months of research + 1 month of implementation) = innovative solution.
• To design and create a prototype that will be presented to a panel of professionals.

product design school of Paris FRANCE

product design school of Paris FRANCE




How to apply ?

MJM Graphic Design is a Product design school in France. You can apply for follow the product design program in Paris & Strasbourg. You will become Product designer and make your passion your profession !