mjm art school graduation


s part of the world of design and applied arts for more than 30 years, the MJM Graphic Design School has forged a solid and prestigious reputation of excellence. Today, former students of its schools in Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg and Nantes officiate within the creative departments of leading designer brands, as members of the 3D animation teams for Shrek or a Monster in Paris, they invent new designs for leading international brands, remodel the most beautiful interiors and give oomph to advertising campaigns. In their own way, each represents the expertise of the school where they learnt the theory of their trade, but also and above all, put it into practice! At MJM Graphic Design, enthusiasm is a value shared by everyone !


60 Quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris

Phone: (+33)0142418800

mail: contact@mjm-design.com



124 rue du Docteur Albert Barraud 33000 Bordeaux

Phone: (+33)05 56 06 06 01

mail: bordeaux@mjm-design.com



41 rue d’Amiens 59000 Lille

Phone: (+33)03 20 33 44 34

mail: contact@mjm-design.com



29 rue de la Palstine 35000 Rennes

Phone: (+33)0299382646

mail: oce@mjm-design.com




8A rue Kageneck 67000 Strasbourg

Phone: (+33)0388750375

mail: strasbourg@mjm-design.com



9 rue Dugommier 44000 Nantes

Phone: (+33)0251840633

mail: nantes@mjm-design.com