MJM Graphic Design was created in Paris in 1979 based on the idea that an applied school of arts should of course be creative, but also vocational Over the years, the initial conviction has only become stronger and today, MJM Graphic Design enjoys a solid and prestigious reputation of excellence,

Today, former students of its schools in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, Strasbourg and Nantes officiate within the creative departments of leading designer brands, as members of the 3D animation teams for Shrek or a Monster in Paris, they invent new designs for leading international brands, remodel the most beautiful interiors and give oomph to advertising campaigns. In their own way, each represents the expertise of the school where they learnt the theory of their trade, but also and above all, put it into practice!


Key dates for MJM Graphic Design

1979 Creation of the first MJM Graphic Design School in Paris, founder: Jean-Marc BENHAMOU

1985 Inauguration of the Strasbourg school

1988 Inauguration of the Rennes school (Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design)

1989 Opening of the Photography and Foundation course departments

1992 Creation of Interior Architecture and Fashion Design/Pattern making departments

1995 Recognition as a Training Institute and implementation of a continued development office

2001 Implementation of Infographics and Multimedia departments

2003 Creation of the 3D Animation department

2004 Introduction of new units (Design, Digital Drawing, Photography, etc.)

2006 Launch of vocational training

2011 The school is chosen to play host to the show La Box, broadcast on Téva Déco

2012 Creation of 2D/3D Motion Design and Product Design departments in Paris and Strasbourg – Creation of the Fashion Design/Pattern making department in Strasbourg

2013 Inauguration of the Nantes school