French Language Preparation 



MJM Graphic Design proposes to International students, a French Language in partnership with Campus Langues, a parisian language schools with 20 years experience. Whether you live abroad or in France, this program will help you to prepare a coherent project of study according to your current level of language. If you are admitted to art test and interview, but if your French level is not enough a plan of language study will be recommended to you to reach your final objective, join MJM Graphic Design !

Why study French at Campus Langues before joining MJM Graphic Design ? 

– French language is a must to join our School as courses will be taught in this language and get access to the French Touch in arts!

– Enjoy a full experience in France with other French, international students.

– Maximize your success and let express your creativity at school and for your future carreer in France and abroad.

– French will give you keys of an unlimited world of art knowledges in arts (Cinema, litterature, museum, fashion…).





Program Objectives

From your Home-Country : Prepare your Studies in France :

MJM Graphic Design & Campus Langues will help you to prepare your project in France.

Arriving in France :

According to your French language level of proficiency, the following possibility are offered to you :

From level 0 to A2 : join French language preparation before enter MJM Graphic Design (After you pass art test and interview)

From level B1.2 to B2 : Start to Learn art at MJM Graphic Design while improving your French level.

From C1 to C2 : Prepare your professional integration and become an expert.

Living in France


MJM Graphic Design and Campus Langues locations are close to allow you to study French and arts at the same time.

Feel like an MJM student !

When studying French Language at Campus Langues, be part of MJM Graphic Design life with special invitation to our events (Customized visit, Fashion shows, Photo exhibition, Open-days…)

Cultural awareness

It is important for art students not only to learn French Language but also to be in contact with French culture. While learning French language you will also participate to workshop and cultural activities that will give you access to a successful experience in France.

More information

Fill in this form if you want more information about this program at International Admissions for every questions you may have about this program.